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New Holland’s new track loader goes big

New Holland Construction has launched the C362, its largest and most powerful compact track loader yet. 

The C362 is packed with 114 hp., an operating capacity of 6,200 pounds, and a breakout force of 12,900 pounds.

“New Holland has never built a loader — wheel or track — this large or powerful, or with so much capacity as the new C362 compact track loader,” says Tyler Mills, director of New Holland Construction. “This machine redefines best-in-class performance in key areas, giving you the confidence to tackle jobs you hadn’t considered before. Customers can do more and operate longer thanks to the C362’s power, strength, and stability.”

Super Boomer

The C362’s 78-inch heavy-duty bucket uses the New Holland Super Boom vertical lift to optimize lift-and-carry operations. With higher dump reach and height, operators can load high-sided truck boxes or hoppers. 
Bucket cylinders are mounted on the front of the boom arms to increase ingress clearance and add even more pounds of bucket breakout force.

Smooth Ride

The C362 rides on a long track base at 74.2 inches and 17.7-inch-wide tracks. Expect an extended track life and smoother ride due to the steel-embedded tracks rolling on the rubber instead of steel.

The loader is also built with electro-hydraulic controls featuring multiple speed and sensitivity settings, including creep mode and automatic straight-line tracking. 

Creep mode, a slow-speed option, gives greater control for slow-speed operations such as trenching and cold-planing with speed thresholds at increments of one to 100. Automatic straight-line tracking improves productivity and precision as it keeps a straight working and traveling path in uneven terrain.

All in the cab

The C362’s new frame is built with a heavy-duty steel rear door and rear hood. The low-profile undercarriage design makes for easier cleanout, reduced noise, and increased durability.

The 8-inch LCD display in the cab gives operators a quick look at engine settings and performance information. The custom screen settings allow for easy navigation and quick operation adjustments, and also provide greater visibility to the rear of the loader.

Full 360° visibility comes with the C362’s low-profile boom arm and shoulder design, an integrated rear camera, and new LED front work lights. Operators can see even more with the C362’s large glass door, lower front-door threshold, and see-through area on the cab roof. 

For regular service or maintenance, the C362 allows for easy access to the engine. The rear door and hood provide quick service entry for daily and periodic maintenance. All major service points can be accessed by tilting the cab forward.

Price and Availability

New Holland's C362 track loader starts at $134,000 and is available for purchase at dealers now. For more information and to find a dealer, visit

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