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Bobcat introduces new TL723, TL923 telehandlers

Bobcat has introduced the new TL723 and TL923 telehandlers with redesigned cabs, turbo-charged Tier 4 engines, and easy access to service points.

With applications in agriculture, construction, landscaping, and snow removal, the TL723 and TL 923 are designed to be flexible, nimble, and precise. These new models, along with the TL619 launched in 2021, round out Bobcat’s R-Series telehandler lineup. 

Under the hood

The TL723 runs on a 100-hp. engine, and the TL923 runs on a 135-hp. engine. Both of these new models come equipped with Bobcat’s Tier 4-compliant, turbocharged engine, built for efficiency and high-torque performance. 

This new engine is designed for reliable cold weather starting, and is equipped with automatic ride control, which can reduce materials pillage and also allows operators to travel at faster speeds.

There are five operation modes to give operators choices for a variety of applications: 

  • ECO mode allows the operator to maintain hydraulic performance without using the engine’s full power. Working at a lower rpm means less noise and lower fuel consumption. 
  • Smooth Drive mode is for maneuvering across job sites with mild acceleration and deceleration while carrying loads. 
  • Dynamic Drive mode increases responsiveness of the telehandler’s acceleration and deceleration for traveling between tasks. 
  • Flex Drive mode allows the operator to manage the engine speed independently from travel speed. 
  • Advanced Attachment Control mode allows for full auxiliary hydraulic performance.

Cab comforts

The redesigned cab builds upon the Bobcat tradition of operator-centered design with high visibility, focus on ergonomics, a suspension seat, efficient HVAC system, and an instrumentation panel that Bobcat equipment operators will find familiar across R-Series machines. 

The new comfort-focused cabs on the TL723 and TL923 were designed to fit in with Bobcat’s R-Series styling, and incorporate enhanced visibility. Both models have a unique wrap-around rear-view window that gives operators a clear view of the side and rear of the machine. The boom is low-profile, sitting below the operator’s eye level for an open view of the surroundings. The redesigned engine basket sits lower for increased line of sight. 

Window wipers on the front, top, and rear keep windows clear of debris and rain, and multiple mirrors on the operator’s left and right provide added visibility in confined areas. An optional rear mirror kit, rear-view camera kit, and boom work light kit are also available. 

In the cab interior, a single multi-control joystick controls travel direction, lift and tilt functions, boom extension, and auxiliary hydraulics. It also allows users to control several functions at the same time from one control point, enabling more precise control and increased productivity, without letting go of the joystick. 

The TL923 comes equipped with a seat-mounted joystick with adjustable armrest, allowing users to set their preferred position, as well as a heated air-suspension set. The TL723 comes with a standard air-suspension seat that adjusts to the user’s weight. 

A white Bobcat TL923 telehandler with a bucket attachement.
Bobcat, TL923

TL923 Hydraulic System

The TL923 hydraulic system is designed for faster boom speeds and heavier lifting, with smoother handling and control when loaded, and faster boom cycle times when empty. The patented hydraulic lift system has advanced, high-flow technology to optimize lift capabilities while having high-speed movement. 

Uptime and Serviceability 

The TL723 and TL923 are built with a box-welded frame for enhanced rigidity, with a low center of gravity for optimal stability. The shielded bottom plate protects machine components. The engine cooling system and other critical components are protected in the center of the chassis for minimal wear and tear on the job site. 

The engine compartment has routine maintenance checks, filters, and other engine service points in easy-to-reach places.

The Power Quick-Tach mounting system on the telehandlers allows operators to retract pins and release to quickly secure an attachment at the push of a button. This allows for non-hydraulic attachment changes without ever leaving the cab. 

Pricing and availability

The TL723 and the TL923 telehandlers are available to order now. For more information, contact your local Bobcat dealer or visit  

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