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Getting a grip with the Iron Fist Grapple from Artillian

Artillian Tractor launches its new modular “Iron Fist” Grapple tractor attachment, with patent-pending variable grip technology, allowing operators to pick up, grip, and haul brush, branches, logs, and other debris.

This is not the first grapple offered from Artillian, but unlike the original models with rigid clamps, the Iron Fist grapple uses a jointed design for a tighter grip on the payload.

“The Iron Fist is designed to outperform clamshell-style and traditional grapple designs,” says John Davis, vice president of sales for Artillian. “The Iron Fist functions similar to your hand making a tight fist while clenching.”  

How it works

The Iron Fist is engineered to be compatible for use with compact and sub-compact tractors from most major manufacturers. Like most of Artillian’s attachments, this compatibility is made possible through the modular fork frame, sold separately, attaching to the tractor’s loader arms. 

“Once you buy the pallet fork frame, then you can buy all the modular attachments, including the grapple,” says Davis. “That enables you to put a whole bunch of different attachments on that frame rather than having to buy dedicated implements for every job.”

While the frame is relatively light – the heavier grade frame weighs only 91 pounds – it enables tractors to lift payloads up to 3,000 pounds.

Up to three Iron Fist Grapple or Sectional Rake attachments can be mounted on a fork frame, the rakes allowing operators. The opening and closing mechanism is controlled by the tractor’s hydraulic system. Multiple Grapple attachments can be connected to the tractor’s hydraulics through Artillian’s double- or triple-hydraulic manifold splitters, also sold separately.  

Grip strength

The Artillian Iron Fist grapple holding logs (left) and the clamps clenched tighter (right)

The Iron Fist’s mechanical linkages collapse the upper jaw during closing so objects can be pulled into the jaws and gripped firmly, just like a fist. Like the original grapple attachment from Artillian, the Iron Fist is made primarily of ⅜-inch-thick AR400 steel.

Each finger-like grapple section can provide up to 1,020 pounds of clamping force. So on high force settings, three Iron Fist Grapple segments can apply over 3,000 pounds of force at the tips. 

Even with the high clamp strength, the attachments remain relatively lightweight. Each Iron Fist Grapple section is only 120 pounds, and rake sections are just 45 pounds. 

Price and availability

The Iron Fist Grapple starts at $1,459 and the Sectional Rake starts at $439. Both are available to order now. For more information, visit

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