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Simple shop monitor

Joseph Kasak found a solution when would forget to turn off the heater or lights in the shop when leaving. To solve the problem, he purchased a blank outlet plate and drilled six small holes to insert LED lights. After mounting the lights, he attached one leg of each of the six indicators together and connected those wires to the neutral bar on the electrical panel in the shop.

Easy improvement for marker disc

When planting in fields that have been no-tilled, Mark Hamlin found it difficult to clearly see where the marker disc had left its mark. He drilled properly placed and spaced holes on the existing disc, so he could bolt sickle sections onto the disc.

Handy front-end sprayer boom

Verlyn Jons removed the sprayer boom from my three-point sprayer. After making a simple bracket as a quick attach, he mounted it to the bale spear on my frontend loader. He now has a sprayer boom that is more visible in front of him and makes it much easier to adjust the height.
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Unmanned large tank float

When spraying crops, Norman Gross needs to fill a 3,200-gallon tank. Since a large volume of water has to be pumped into the tank, he uses two livestock tank shutoff floats that allow up to 60 gallons a minute to be pumped into the tank while preventing overfill.

Shop floor protection from metal tracks

Jordan Waldner wanted to find a way to avoid marring the concrete in the shop. He acquired reject tire tread used for recapping tires from the local tire shop, rolled it out on the floor, and that prevents the concrete from getting scratched.
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