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Attend a Women in Ag conference in 2023

February and March are popular times for Women in Ag conferences around the country, but there are events on the calendar for all of 2023. Browse this list for an event near you.

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Christmas with cows

Santa may have a herd of reindeer, but North Carolina’s Anderson Family Farms celebrates Christmas with a herd of beef cattle.
Christmas with cows

About Women in Agriculture

Successful Farming’s Women in Ag section is designed to connect and further farm women in all dimensions of farm and family life. This section includes posts from our Women in Ag bloggers.

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When you mow in a remote area

Tractor Cooler Mount, Sept 2020 AATF When I mow a wooded area a half-mile from my farm, I now have a place to carry needed items with me. I built a small steel shelf that plugs... read more