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Kubota updates R540 and R640 wheel loaders

Kubota has updated its R540 and R640 wheel loaders with increased lift capacity, improved visibility, and a more comfortable cab. Both models are available in canopy or cab configurations.

“Kubota dedicated a substantial amount of field research in the engineering upgrades that went into the new R540 and R640; they are built with operator comfort and productivity in mind,” says Patrick Baker, Kubota construction equipment product manager. “These new models have an incredible amount of space and power for a compact machine.”

More lifting capacity

Engineers increased the weight and lift capacity of both models from the previous of Kubota wheel loaders.

The larger R640 is powered by a 64-hp. Tier 4 Final engine. This model has an operating weight of 11,563 pounds and offers a maximum breakout force of 9,869 pounds. The R640 has a lifting capacity of 8,161 pounds. Maximum lift reach is 10 feet, 8 inches.

The smaller R540 features a 54-hp. Tier 4 Final engine. This machine has an operating weight of 10,285 pounds and delivers a maximum breakout force of 8,183 pounds. Its lifting capacity is rated at 6,767 pounds. Maximum lift reach is 10 feet, 7 inches.

Better visibility

Cab models have been improved to offer more visibility with a bigger front window. The full-size, all-glass right-side window and entrance door provide 360° visibility for safer maneuvering.

The cabin’s right-side window opens fully for ventilation and communication with people outside the machine.

The arms of the R540 and R640 have been redesigned for better visibility when connecting attachments with the hydraulic coupler, so farmers can connect attachments without leaving the cab. Operators can see better when the bucket is lifted at full height thanks to new delta-shape loader arms that run parallel and become narrow at the cab and widen at the end of the loader arms.

Kubota wheel loader with bricks
Photo credit: Kubota

More comfortable cab

The redesign of these wheel loaders includes features to reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity.

Operators now have more foot and leg room since the reconfigured console and switch layout was moved to the right side of the cabin. A multifunction control lever is standard on both models and controls forward, neutral, and reverse, the differential lock, and the wheel loader auxiliary port switch. All major loader functions can be accomplished with one hand.

Models with the cab option include a heating and cooling system with 11 vents.

A full-suspension seat, adjustable right wrist rest, and tilt steering are standard equipment to keep farmers comfortable during long hours of operation.

Price and availability

The new wheel loaders will be available at Kubota dealerships starting March 2021. 

The starting price for the R540 is $66,212 and the starting price for the R640 is $81,371.

Both pieces of equipment are manufactured at Kubota’s production facility in Germany.

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