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Bobcat launches Machine IQ remote app

Bobcat is launching a new app allowing operators to check on the health of machines and remotely track information that enhances maintenance, security, and performance from their mobile devices.

Machine and fleet information can now be accessed by operators through two options: the existing Bobcat Owner Portal and from the new Bobcat Machine IQ mobile app. The new Machine IQ app delivers streamlined data directly to mobile devices, so customers can remotely monitor machine location and health.

“Operators need quick, seamless access to their machine’s telematics no matter where the job takes them, and our Bobcat Machine IQ packages are designed to put all that information at their fingertips,” said Wendi Majerus, digital business product manager at Doosan Bobcat North America. “Now, our customers can access this data through the Machine IQ mobile app, an easy-to-use, intuitive option to help better manage their equipment and maintenance needs on the go.”

The Machine IQ Basics package is a subscription service which is free for the first three years from the original equipment purchase date. This package includes basic telematics tracking including GPS location and history, operating hours and last recorded fuel levels. To help organize their fleet, users can create personalized names to quickly identify machines. 

This app package will also track regular planned maintenance and custom maintenance schedules and allows users to view high-level instructions in-app.

Upgraded features

The app also features an upgraded package – the Machine IQ Health and Security package – so users can proactively monitor their equipment. It includes all Machine IQ Basic features plus some additional features.

This package will notify users via email or push notifications when they are approaching regular maintenance and provides information on how to perform maintenance as well as on relevant parts. This feature also notifies users to fault code alerts, and geofence and curfew breaches.

Users on this package will be able to create custom geofence boundaries and curfew hours to receive notifications when the machine leaves the operation area or is used outside of designated days or hours.

Through a reporting system, the app will track machine efficiency and utilization, comparing idle time, working time, and fuel usage to generate custom reports and help users make more informed decisions.

The Bobcat Machine IQ app is free for Bobcat customers and uses the same login as the Bobcat Owner Portal. It is available on iOS and Android. 

To learn more about the app and additional subscription details, visit

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