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Tools of the Year 2021: Shop Essentials

We searched the latest innovations from manufacturers for a tool chest of necessities on the farm and ranch.

This is the Shop Essentials category of the exclusive Successful Farming “Tools of the Year” program to highlight innovations and must-have tools and shop supplies for your farm operation. These tools will help you get the job done.

Our editor selected one tool as an “Editor’s Choice” and other tools as “Recommended” in Power Tools; Hand Tools; Ratchets & Sockets; Metalworking; Shop Supplies; Lighting; Workbenches & Tool Chests; and Shop Essentials.

Here is the list of the 2021 winners in Shop Essentials.

Editor's Choice Tools of the Year 2021

Shop essentials from Wilton

Gold Standard in Vises

The vise of preference in heavy-duty applications ranging from factories to mechanics’ shops, Wilton’s Multi-Purpose Bench Vises are now available in 4½- and 6½-inch models featuring 60,000-psi ductile iron bases (30,000-psi gray cast-iron bases are standard on the market).

The vises are factory-lubricated (for life) and feature spindles, precision-machined jaws, 360° swivel bases, and swiveling heads indexed in 30° increments for clamping materials at any angle. The Multi-Purpose vises provide users with the option of using pipe or V-jaws. Replaceable horizontal pipe jaws accommodate pipe from ½- to 3 inches in diameter. The V-jaw option holds pipe or other round stock vertically. Each vise also is equipped with replaceable hardened steel jaws with a serrated pattern for sure grip. 

The swivel base has dual lockdowns to hold the vise securely in place and anvils with a large surface area for handling materials. Backed by a lifetime warranty, the retail price for the 4½-inch Model 450P (jaw opening of 4 inches and throat depth of 2½ inches) is $159.99, and the 6½-inch 650P (jaw opening of 6½ inches and throat depth of 3¼ inches) is $349.99. Go to

Tools of the Year 2021 - Recommended

Shop essentials
IPA Flow

Unique Cleaning Design

The IPA Flow-Thru System with Brush and Venturi employs a venturi that attaches to an anodized-aluminum handle that uses air pressure to turn interchangeable twisted-wire stainless-steel and industrial-strength nylon brushes. 

Solvent is pumped through the handle and onto work through the brushes for thorough coverage. An integrated flow valve provides ultimate control with pressurized solvents (up to 145 psi). 

The Model 8091 gives an unparalleled cleaning performance when air pressure is combined with degreasing solvent and simultaneous scrubbing action via the flow-through brush heads.

The 8091 retails for $182.86. Go to

Tools of the Year 2021 - Recommended

Shop essentials from Mini Ductor

Mini Heat Conductor

The MDV-787 Mini-Ductor Venom HP uses intense surrounding heat to release hardware from corrosion or thread-locking compounds in a matter of seconds without an open flame. It can turn a ¾-inch nut red hot in seconds.

The tool retails for $649, which includes a two-year warranty. Go to

Tools of the Year 2021 - Recommended

Shop essentials from Moore

Super Safe, Stable Hydraulic Jack

Offering a 20-ton lifting capacity, Gaither Tools’ Moore-Safe Jack is designed (with two interchangeable heads) to cradle vehicle components, greatly reducing the chance of slippage due to misplacement or a shifting load. 

The Moore-Safe’s patented design features two interchangeable mounting heads, both specifically engineered to maintain the center of gravity even in the case of a shifting load. The heads are designed to securely cradle vehicle components, dramatically reducing the chance of slippage due to misplacement or a shifting load.

The Model GT-20MS retails for $495. Go to

Tools of the Year 2021 - Recommended

Shop essentials from Oasis

360° High-Definition Borescope

The Vividia ME-610X employs a 40-inch-long, 6-millimeter-diameter probe with 360° articulation controlled by a joystick to direct a high-resolution camera inside cavities. The probe is made from titanium alloy with high wear resistance and produces high-quality clear images, thanks to six high-illuminance LED lights.

A 3½-inch IPS monitor offers camera zoom in, HDMI out, and mini SD card. The user can easily preview, take pictures, and record videos.

The borescope retails for $1,149.98. Go to

Tools of the Year 2021 - Recommended

Shop essentials from Klein

Smartphone Engine Borescope

Klein’s ET16 Borescope works with Android OTG version 4.0 or higher devices (not for iPhones or iPads) utilizing a 20-foot-long armored cable tipped with a 9-millimeter digital camera that generates high-quality images. Six white LEDs with adjustable brightness enhance images.

The kit (borescope, carrying case, micro-USB adapter, and instruction manual) retails for $84.97. No batteries are required as the borescope is powered by device connection to the smartphone or screen.

Go to

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