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Life-changing tech we saw at CES 2023

Hundreds upon thousands of products are shown off every year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Some are innovative ideas for the far-off future, while others are nearly ready to be delivered right to your door. 

Here are a few of the exciting products we saw that may be ready to change the world — or at least your day-to-day life.

Drones, drones, drones

John Deere unveiled its first fully autonomous tractor at CES in 2022, but they aren’t the only company taking advantage of the advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous technology. 


The SentiV drone by Meropy is designed to scan fields for threats to vegetation.
Photo credit: Alex Gray

The SentiV by Meropy is a lightweight scouting robot that moves autonomously through fields, scanning all vegetation to detect potential threats to crops. The robot can cover nearly 50 acres in a day, and its unique wheel system is designed to prevent damage to crops. 

According to Meropy, this robot can provide more details on a plot than can be seen with the human eye, capable of providing nutrient and water requirements for crops, identifying biological threats, monitoring plant growth, and optimizing phenotyping.


The Yarbo is a 3-in-1 lawncare system that can mow, snowblow and leaf blow.
Photo credit: Yarbo

The Yarbo robot is a 3-in-1 lawn care unit, capable of snow blowing, lawn mowing, and leaf blowing. The robot has a standalone body that can connect to one of three available attachments to handle the different tasks. 

The Yarbo is an autonomous robot, using vision systems, path planning, and GPS to operate. The robot is all-terrain with tank-like treads, and has an outdoor wireless charger designed to withstand weather all year. 

EcoFlow Blade

The EcoFlow Blade is a new smart lawn mowing system
Photo credit: Alex Gray

There’s enough room for more than one lawn care robot. The EcoFlow Blade by EcoFlow Inc. uses GPS, and light detection and ranging (LiDAR) technology to automatically collect leaves and mow. This product is designed to provide the high quality cut of a professional lawn service.

The system uses virtual boundary and automatic route planning, is able to avoid obstacles, and has anti-theft services.

For the foodies

While CES isn’t a farmer-focused event, there is still plenty of growing and food-related technology to be found on the showroom floor. 

Chekt Smart Food Locker

The Chekt food locker system by Cargill is designed to keep ordered food fresher for longer.
Photo credit: Alex Gray

The Chekt by Cargill is a new, contactless smart food locker launching later this year, designed to make takeout and delivery pickup for restaurants easier. 

When customers place an online order for a restaurant, employees will be alerted and begin preparing the food. Once it’s finished, it will be placed in a temperature-optimized locker pod, and the customer will be notified it’s ready via text message. This system is designed to make ordered food stay fresh longer. 

The (New) Rise Garden

The New Rise Garden is a smart hydroponics system capable of growing vegetables and herbs all year round.
Photo credit: Alex Gray

The Rise Garden is a modular, indoor hydroponic garden designed to fit in any room in your home, allowing you to grow herbs and vegetables all year round. The garden uses 30W LED full spectrum lights to mimic the sun, and is self-fertilizing and self-watering, only needing a refill once a week. It’s Wi-Fi enabled, app controlled, and is compatible with Amazon Alexa functions.

For your health

Human Security for All was the theme for CES 2023, highlighting not just robotics, computers, or artificial intelligence, but also health technology. 

Clean Water Pathfinder

The Clean Water pathfinder is designed to operate in water utility systems to preserve cleanliness.
Photo credit: Alex Gray

The Clean Water Pathfinder by ACWA Robotics is an autonomous robotic solution designed to preserve clean water. It is able to travel through a city’s water supply network without disrupting water distribution. Inside, it will collect key data on water and hydraulics, including pressure, quality, and clarity. 

Motion Pillow 2023

The Motion Pillow is designed to stop the user from snoring.
Photo credit: Alex Gray

The Motion Pillow is designed to prevent snoring. Using a motion system, the pillow can detect snoring, then inject air into a built-in airbag. According to 10minds Co., the developer of the Motion Pillow, snoring can be stopped naturally from the user’s head being turned, or the cervical spine being lifted. Even if there is another person in the room, the pillow is designed to only respond to the user’s snoring. 

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