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Precision Planting introduces data app, Panorama

Kicking off their 30th annual Winter Conference, Precision Planting announced a new app called Panorama to help farmers use the data from the company’s 20|20 monitor.

Over the last 10 years, data collection and utilization has grown exponentially across the agriculture industry, helping farmers increase their efficiency. The new Panorama product helps farmers upload data collected by their Precision Planting products to the platform of their choice.

Our goal is to make 20|20 data the most portable in the industry, Justin McMenamy, vice president of disruptive products told conference attendees Tuesday morning.

McMenamy explains, “Panorama features an API that allows other industry data platforms to create a connection to the Precision Planting system, allowing the data to flow seamlessly from the 20|20 monitor to any platform that has a connection with us.”

Climate Fieldview is the first committed API partner. Conversations with other industry platforms are ongoing.

Panorama will feature map viewing, reporting, and the ability for a farmer to allow their Precision Planting dealer to provide remote technology support.


Panorama will be beta tested in the spring of 2023 across North America, with further release plans announced later in 2023. Once released, Panorama will be available for Apple and Android devices, as well as through a browser-based experience.

Pricing for Panorama will be announced when it is commercially available.

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