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John Deere introduces strip-tillage implements

John Deere’s new ST series of strip-tillage implements enables farmers to apply nutrients and till the field in a single pass. 

Strip-till offers a middle ground between conventional tillage and no-till practices, leaving around two-thirds of the soil undisturbed. 

“Strip-till can improve soil health, reduce erosion, and conserve soil moisture,” says Ryan Jardon, marketing manager for John Deere. “Strip-till has been shown to help farmers reduce input costs while maintaining yields and further maximizing their profitability. These new strip-till units give farmers the ability to prepare their seedbeds in the fall, so they’re ready to plant in the spring.”

The new series is divided into two model types. The integral model is pulled with a three-point hitch, and comes in 12 and 16 row variants, with 30-inch row spacing. The drawn model is pulled by a draw bar, and comes in 12, 16, and 18 row variants, with 20, 22, and 30-inch row spacing. 

The major distinction between the two is the fertilizer tank on the drawn model, with capacity of up to 10 tons of dry fertilizer. Megan Warin, tillage marketing representative for John Deere, says both the the drawn and integral implements will be compatible with anhydrous ammonia application through third-party suppliers. 


Owners can choose between dual-coulter or shank for the ST series. Coulters have a working speed of up to 10 mph and depth of up to 6 inches, and is recommended for dry fertilizer applications. Shanks have a slightly slower working speed of up to 8 mph, but lower depths of up to 11 inches, and is recommended for either dry fertilizer or anhydrous ammonia applications.

Other features for the ST series models include air-adjust row cleaners, stainless steel meters, rolling baskets, and dual tank scales on the drawn model. A blockage flow sensor detects vibration from fertilizer passing through the tube. If no vibrations are detected, it will send an alert to the operator in the cab. 


The John Deere ST12 and ST16 integral models, as well as the ST12, ST16, and ST18 drawn models will be available to order starting in February 2023. These are expected to ship in summer 2023, ready for use in the fall. 

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