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GSI’s GrainVue management system automates grain monitoring

The new GrainVue grain management system from GSI helps farmers monitor their bins to protect the quality and value of stored grain.

The GrainVue uses digital cable technology to check grain temperature and moisture, and automatically activate fans to prevent out-of-condition issues, says Greg Trame, director of technology sales for GSI. It can also be used to help farmers keep track of grain inventory. 

The system uses cloud connectivity to enable remote management with a mobile device or computer. This is to help reduce the need for farmers to make trips up and down a ladder to take grain samples. GrainVue has automatic updates and alerts, allowing one person to manage multiple bins at multiple sites. 

“With 24/7 monitoring, automated aeration settings, and an easy-to-use interface, farmers can have peace of mind that their grain is in ideal condition,” says Trame. “GrainVue takes the guesswork out of cooling, drying, storing, or even rehydrating grain with a push of a button.” 

Automated aeration features

A screenshot of the GSI GrainVue's user interface, showing the different controls and monitoring tools
Photo credit: GSI

GrainVue’s automated aeration management can help farmers store their grain in various conditions. 

For farmers who harvest their grain at a higher moisture levels for an earlier harvest, the GrainVue can help optimize the effectiveness of natural air drying, only running the fans when outside conditions are favorable, helping save energy. 

With a connected weather station, farmers can set parameters to automate fans following drying to maximize cooling capacity, something many farmers have to do manually. Automation is intended to save time and energy by only running the fans when needed. Additionally, the GrainVue can automate rehydration of soybeans when the harvest is too dry, controlling the fans based on outside relative humidity.

The system also can slowly warm up grain to maintain proper stored temperature within 10 degrees of the outside air. This helps prevent condensation forming inside the bin, which can lead to grain spoilage.

Price and availability

The GrainVue grain management system is available for purchase now through the GSI dealer network. The system’s price point varies based on the diameter and height of the grain bin, and has an annual subscription fee of $200 per bin. For more information, visit 

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